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now occupies the site that was once home to TMG/5Artists. The Westlake Signal Group, or WSG, name was first used in conjunction with a production of the independent film, "The C-Shift." During postproduction, TMG/5Artists closed their independent film operation and its founders went in separate directions to pursue their writing and film endeavors. Westlake Signal Group (created by one of the TMG/5 co-founders) assumed the responsibility of completing the film. In April 2002, the announcement that "The C-Shift" was complete was issued. 

We now look to what lies ahead with the same talent, expertise, and drive that TMG/5, which preceded it, once relied so heavily on. There exists a new sense of direction and a defined mission to succeed in the world of television and film. 

We invite you to explore our continuing human journey.

TMG5 Artists History (1996-2002)

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Winter of 1996 found five writers gathered in a living room on a Friday night for the first of what were to be numerous sessions to discuss screenwriting and filmmaking. They soon evolved into full strategy sessions on ways to get their written work into "the system." Their tenacious nature paid off when scripts submitted to TV series such as Star Trek: Voyager earned three of the writers invitations to pitch at the Paramount lot where the series was in production. Subsequent efforts would land the group at producer Michael Piller's Piller^2 Productions along with numerous submissions to other television series, network & syndicated.

With a sense of growth, the group, now streamlined to a quartet of writers, embarked on their first independent film, Different Worlds. The success of finishing the 15 minute film emboldened them to make more films using new technology: Digital Video. Films produced during this time include Between Heaven & Hell and The Sun, Moon, and Stars. The group's largest and most difficult effort would be a 45 minute film entitled The C-Shift. The film would later migrate from TMG/5 to Westlake Signal Group for completion.

TMG/5 Artists may have been a group effort, but it is important to note that at no time during its run did any member discontinue individual projects. In fact, most of the teleplays that were submitted to series like Star Trek, South Park and others were the result of individual interests. In most cases, the rest of the group served as support to that artist in various areas such as pitching and story refinement.

After 6 years, 4 independent films, and numerous feature film and television screenplays, the members elected to end TMG/5's run in 2002. This allowed all of the members to pursue new avenues in the world of film and television. All of TMG/5's former members are still active in film & TV.

TMG/5Artists Members (1996-1997)

  • Chin Thammasaensgri
  • Anthony Bankston
  • Andrea Beckum
  • Alex Banuelos
  • C. Jerry Vargas 

TMG/5Artists Members (1997-2002)

  • Chin Thammasaensgri
  • Anthony Bankston
  • Andrea Beckum
  • C. Jerry Vargas

"For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer,
Let it be, let it be, let it be."
-The Beatles, 1970

Westlake Signal Group (est. 2002)

Westlake Signal Group ("WSG") was founded in the year 2000 as a co-production partner of The C-Shift with TMG/5Artists. Founder, Chin Thammasaengsri, was a founding member of both operations. Westlake Signal became the sole production entity after TMG/5 dissolved. WSG moved ahead and ushered the film through postproduction and completion. 

Built on the cornerstone of The C-Shift is a new generation of filmed projects. Taking over the "largest effort to date" title is a two film series of documentaries entitled Engine Company X. The first film in this series was completed during Christmas 2003 with the next film in the series to be ready in 2004. WSG is planning to film scripted drama projects written in-house. Some of those projects may include versions of original screenplays for TaskForce 3 and The Gods of Fire

Engine Company X united the WSG filmmakers with Los Angeles' firefighting community. Requests have been made for the filmmaker's assistance in recording various related events and drills. Some of those events include recruitment sessions at the James Shern Academy in Compton and "Mass Casualty Drills" conducted on the back lot of famed Paramount Pictures for L.A. City Fire. The footage has been used by their respective entities for recruiting and training purposes. Westlake Signal's Film Operations Bureau was happy to assist and is looking forward to future projects as needed.

In addition to the Film Operations Unit, the Quartermaster & Prop Shoppe has outfitted productions for the former TMG/5 films as well as its own productions such as Engine Company X. In addition, the Quartermaster & Prop Shoppe has answered the request for services by other filmmakers on their productions. 

For additional information this truly "Class 1" film company, e-mail Chin Thammasaengsri directly at starbase29@tmg5artists.com.

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(323) 936-8308
(323) 715-8790
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Los Angeles, CA
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General Information: starbase29@tmg5artists.com

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