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Engine Company X:

The Powerful Voice


Part of Februaryís Black History Celebration at the African-American Firefighter Museum in Los Angeles 

Los Angeles, Ca (January 31 2004)-Westlake Signal is proud to be part of Februaryís celebration of African-American history. Engine Company X: The Powerful Voice (ďECXĒ) will be screening at the African-American Firefighter Museum on Central Avenue in Los Angeles. The museum is housed in former LAFD Fire Station 30 and serves as a base of operation for the WSG film crew during production of the ECX film series.

Itís only fitting that our inaugural public screening should take place here at the museum. Most of the history we recorded for ĎThe Powerful Voiceí took place within these walls.

-Chin Thammasaengsri, Executive Producer, ECX

Screenings for ECX are as follows: 

-Sunday February 22, 2004 2PM
-Tuesday February 24, 2004 7PM
-Thursday February 26, 2004 7PM 

The address for the museum is as follows: 

The African-American Firefighter Museum
LAFD Station 30/Truck 11
1401 South Central Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90021
(213) 744-1730
*The museum is located just north of Interstate 10* 

Engine Company X is just one of several events taking place at the museum during the month of February. For more information, go to the museumís website which is at

As always, we encourage everyone (especially those who have not seen the film) to come out and view an amazing piece of history. Itís Los Angeles history, itís black history, itís American history, itís your history. 

Please Note: ECX will also air on LA36 during the month of February as well. Attached to this announcement is the updated station broadcast schedule for the film.

Engine Company X: The Powerful Voice 

This film is a history of the African-American experience on the Los Angeles City & County Fire Departments between the years of 1886 to 1969. Highlighted is the battle for integration, the formation of The Stentorians, and a look at the post segregation period including the 1965 Watts Riots.

Broadcast Schedule: (Week of 2/2/04)-Black History Month Airings! 

Mon 2/2 **** 
Tue 2/3 1030AM 
Wed 2/4 **** 
Thu 2/5 **** 
Fri 2/6 **** 
Sat 2/7 **** 
Sun 2/8 ****

ECX1 Credits: 

Executive Producer/Writer/Director/Chief Cinematographer: Chin Thammasaengsri 
Producers/Cinematographers/Audio/Lighting: Jesus Sanchez & Andrea Beckum 
Host/Narrator: Calvin Walton
Editor: Alex Chu
Featured Stentorians: Arnett Hartsfield (LAFD, Ret.), Brent Burton (LACoFD) 
Chief Makeup Artist: Miriam Alarcon
Still Photographer: Steve Crawford
Original Score: Brent Laidler
Creative Consultant: Raul Moreno
Additional Research: Richard Yokley/TV Firefighters
Production Assistant: Kelly White

For More Information Contact:

Westlake Signal Group
Los Angeles, CA
Tel: (323) 936-8308
FAX: (323) 715-8790


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