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Engine Company X:

The Powerful Voice


Part of February’s Black History Celebration at the African-American Firefighter Museum in Los Angeles

It is WSG’s pleasure to announce that Engine Company X: The Powerful Voice will be screening at the African-American Firefighter Museum on Central Avenue in Los Angeles. Below is the list of dates and times: 

Day/Date Screening Time 

Sunday February 22, 2004 2PM 
Tuesday February 24, 2004 7PM 
Thursday February 26, 2004 7PM

Engine Company X: The Powerful Voice is a history of the African-American experience on the Los Angeles City & County Fire Departments between the years of 1886 to 1969. Highlighted is the battle for integration, the formation of The Stentorians, and a look at the post segregation period including the 1965 Watts Riots. 

Screening Location: 

The African-American Firefighter Museum 
Old LAFD Station 30/Truck 11
1401 South Central Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90021
(213) 744-1730


Chin Thammasaengsri (Writer-Director-Producer) 

Engine Company X: The Powerful Voice and the forthcoming Engine Company X: The New Stentorians mark Chin’s directoral debut. He also wrote and produced the two film series. He served as field cinematographer, shooting all footage taken in fire stations and with the L.A. County Lifeguards. Other noteworthy projects include the 2002 indie film, The C-Shift, which he wrote and produced. The film is part of the museum’s media archive. His spec teleplays for Star Trek: Voyager earned him invited writer status to the series and opened doors for submissions to series such as Stargate SG-1 and idea pitches to Michael Piller’s Piller^2. 

Richard Yokley (Author/Firefighter) 

The author of the new book, TV Firefighters, is a retired firefighter himself. His book looks at the media fascination with firefighters in TV and film. The book chronicles everything from 1950’s Rescue 8 to 2004’s Third Watch. It also includes series from around the world and offerings from production companies big & small. Listed in the book are WSG’s The C-Shift and both Engine Company X films. Portions of the book and the author were consulted during research for the second ECX film. Mr. Yokley will appear at the 2/22 screening.

Also appearing will be members of the WSG film crew who made both films come to life! 

We hope to see everyone there!

For More Information Contact:

Westlake Signal Group
Los Angeles, CA
Tel: (323) 936-8308
Alt: (323) 715-8790


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