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Los Angeles, Ca (June 30, 2006)-Westlake Signal Group, best known for theatrical offerings such as Engine Company X and Life in the Fast Lane, is proud to announce the completion of the inaugural project for its Film/Commercial Production Unit(F/CU). The project is entitled Class17: Feel the Heat and was produced for the James Shern Fire Academy in Compton, Ca. The film is part of the F/CU as it was produced at the request of the academy & its students.  This project was given the same flavor that characterizes WSG’s theatrical offerings such as its documentary film format, scripting, narrations, DVD cover/poster design by Quinn Gibbs at Mixed Media Magic, and editing by Alex Chu of Blue Tarp Productions. Additional voice work & characterizations were provided by Richard Gonzalez. The arrival of this project coincides perfectly with Westlake Signal’s entrance into the commercial/industrial film market.

Class 17: Feel the Heat serves two functions: It’s the official film for Class #17 that graduated on April 29, 2006. With a run time of 45 minutes, the film encapsulates eight months of studies, drills, and tests. There is breathtaking footage of the Cadets entering burning rooms, repelling from buildings, and fighting fires up close and personal. The film concludes with graduation ceremonies honoring the remaining twenty six Cadets. The film’s secondary function is as a promotional tool allowing the City of Compton and its fire department to promote the academy and the city itself. This is done through special mini-segments WSG built into the film that covers the academy’s history and mission. The uses for this film are endless and its design is relatively timeless.

Below are comments from Chin Thammasaengsri, WSG’s Creative Director:

2. Class 17: Feel the Heat (Contd)

                        “Plans were already in the works, on my part,

                        to keep our film work constant by creating a

                        commercial/industrial film arm. My collegiate

                        studies and 16 years of on the job experience at

                        CBS make this move a natural one. The arrival

                        of the “Class 17: Feel the Heat” project came at

                        a perfect time because we were already familiar

                        with the program from our work on Engine

                        Company X (ECX). It presented a challenge to

                        us in terms of not just shooting another class

                        film, but making something that has storytelling

                        prowess and the potential to draw future students

                        & instructors to this fine academy.

                                          -Chin Thammasaengsri


Westlake Signal Group’s Film/Commercial Production Unit will continue to produce films/commercials that allow business and individuals to enhance their brand identity affordably. Currently, WSG is preparing for their next project and are hoping to return to the James Shern Fire Academy for Class number 18


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