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Chin Thammasaengsri

Writer/Producer/Filmmaker/Founder-Westlake Signal Group  


As Writer 

Chin's roots are in writing. While attending California State University @ Los Angeles, he wrote his first screenplay, A Colored Man's Shield. This project would set the tone for all of his future projects and carry him into his senior year where he studied advanced screenwriting under accomplished scribe Michael Miner. Chin would pair with writer Tony Bankston in what would be a long running writing partnership that would yield at least six feature length screenplays over five years. In 1996, Chin elected to take a new direction and add television to his writing resume. He wrote a teleplay for UPN's Star Trek: Voyager series. With an all-new sense of momentum, he went on to do several more of the one hour teleplays AND submit them; many with the aid of TMG/5 legal counsel Marlene Nowlin. In an amazing turn, the series contacted the writer and invited him to pitch potential storylines to the series. This journey was, and is, one of Chin's career highlights. Pitching lasted through the series' sixth and seventh season. As a result of the Star Trek pitches, the producers of Stargate SG-1 (Sci Fi) allowed him to submit teleplays written for that series. Chin penned spec teleplays for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Synd), Millennium (Fox), and The X-Files (Fox). He was invited to pitch original series ideas to Michael Piller's Piller^2 Productions. Chin's recent work encompasses original works for television such as Collective Souls, The Gods of Fire, and Taskforce 3.

As Filmmaker

Chin's return to film/production came after a ten year absence when he served as Executive Producer & crewmember on TMG/5's first film, Different Worlds. Chin "upped the ante" and wrote The C-Shift. The film was TMG/5's (and later Westlake Signal's) largest effort at the time. He served as Executive Producer, writer, and crewmember on the film during production. He became a prime force directing most of the post production operations in order to complete the film. Later productions found him serving in a producer capacity.
As the main force behind WSG and Engine Company X, Chin has served in the additional roles of director, researcher/interviewer, and chief cinematographer. The shooting of field footage for ECX has found Chin posted to fire stations in Watts, Inglewood, Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire, and Downtown L.A.'s "Skid Row". Shooting also took place on the beaches and harbors with the Los Angeles County Lifeguards.


Chin is a lifelong Los Angeles native who was educated at California State University @ Los Angeles in film & television. After college, He joined the CBS Television Network, which has since become part of the Viacom Corporation. Chin works with the company's CBS & UPN stations on varying assignments. He is also an accomplished marathon runner who has completed FIVE of the 26.2 mile City of Los Angeles Marathons.


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