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Many of those who have worked Westlake Signal projects are veterans of previous group films. No matter if a crewmember is newer, or one of those veterans, they are "Class 1" in our eyes. Below is a listing of key crewmembers.

Chin Thammasaengsri   

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Andrea Beckum               

Andrea is one of the original TMG/5 co-founders whose first love above all is writing. She was one of the three writers with invited status at Star Trek: Voyager. Additional written work includes NYPD Blue, Seinfeld, and Just Shoot Me along with a slew of original work. On film, Andrea has served as a producer, camera & lighting op, and screenwriter.

Jesus Sanchez                 

Jesus is a veteran crewmember of TMG/5 and WSG films. He worked audio on The C-Shift and has been the lead camera op/lighting on the Engine Company X series in addition to producing.

Alex P. Chu                       

Alex is the newest member of the team, but serves in the most important position of editor. Alex is the editor on both Engine Company X films with the feeling that he will be editing many more future WSG films.

Calvin Walton                   

Calvin is the face and the voice of Engine Company X: The Powerful Voice. He is an actor with a background in film, theatre and television. His career began in Baltimore and has continued to flourish since coming to Los Angeles. His credits include an independent film that is enjoying runs in Baltimore & the East. He is currently writing & producing a one-man stage play coming to the Los Angeles theatre scene in the near future.

Miriam Alarcon                 

Miriam serves as the Chief Makeup Artist for the Engine Company X series which makes her the "Makeup Wizard" to all of the subjects who appear in front of the WSG cameras. Miriam can be found working various video shoots and independent film productions around the city.

Steve Crawford               

Like Jesus & Andrea, Steve has worked on every film TMG/5 and Westlake Signal has produced. He serves as the still photographer who documents everything that goes on in front of and behind the camera. His work has led to several requests for his services on other films and events.

Raul Moreno                   

"Pictured here with Florence Henderson of "The Brady Bunch."

Raul served as Technical Advisor on the The C-Shift and now serves as Creative Consultant on Engine Company X. Raul is a longtime member of the TV &film community who is currently with KNX-AM in Los Angeles and is the author of a book on the late producer, Jack Webb. Photos from his extensive archive on Jack Webb will appear in ECX2.

Richard Yokley               

Richard is a retired member of the Bonita FD (San Diego) who is also an author whose newest book, TV Firefighters, features the Engine Company X series. Conversely, Richard and his work contributed some of the research done on various aspects of the second film in the Engine Company X series. Richard is currently working on a new book devoted to the series Emergency!

Brent Laidler/Laider, Newman, & Schnarr


Brent Laidler is the musician responsible for the score of three WSG’s films: The C-Shift, ECX1 and ECX2. What is unique is that he resides in the great state of Indiana, so all scoring duties were done “long distance.” Although some believed this would not be possible, Chin and Brent made it work…on three films! Borne out of this were some highly acclaimed blues numbers all performed by the group Laidler, Newman, & Schnarr of which Brent is guitar & vocals.  Rounding out the trio is Jeff Newman on Drums and Craig Schnarr on bass.  Several songs that appeared in WSG films are on the group’s debut album, “Bitter Coffee.” New music (some to be heard initially in ECX2) is forthcoming as they start work on their second album.


Several pieces of music from Sincere (aka Keith Edwards) can be heard in ECX2: The New Stentorians. Although Brent Laidler's Jazz/Blues influence leads the film, Sincere's sound brings in the "modern age" with elements of Hip Hop and R&B. He even uses classical elements to spice things up throughout the film.

Sincere has been influenced by music through sound and blood. His lineage ties him to the great Fats Waller who, in the 1920's, was the leader of the "Harlem School" and became famous for hits such as "Ain't Misbehavin'" & "Honeysuckle Rose." Sincere's early musical influences were Reggae and Calypso. He found himself walking into the early HiP Hop movement becoming a rapper and lyricist. Like many artists, his ability to write was therapy in addition to the creation of new material. His future plans, as a musician, will find him mastering the piano and the saxophone.

After serving a stint in the U.S. Navy, Sincere decided to create a new inroad into the music industry by becoming a Certified Audio Engineer and Video Editor. This allows him to work with other emerging artists in a technical/production capacity in adition to the creative. Currently, he is also part of the 102.3 KJLH-FM's "Saturday Nite Mix Countdown with DJ Ricky Waddas" which broadcasts Saturday nights from 9pm-Midnight.

QUINN GIBBS                            

Quinn's contributions to the Westlake Signal Group are seen every time someone picks up the DVD package for the Engine Comapny X films or looks at the posters on the wall of the African-American Firefighter Museum. Quinn is the graphic artist who took pictures and other images and worked them into the art that symbolizes the spirit of the ECX project.

Quinn is a multitalented artist/musician in his own right. He has mastered three instruments: the trumpet, baritone, and tuba. His ear for music even allowed him to fill in for an ailing drummer once in junior high. While serving in the U.S. Navy, Quinn purchased his first drum machine. Since that time, he has added keyboards and several new pieces of equipment while adding an Audio Engineer certification to his resume. The emerging producer is working extensively with his ONTRAC Productions sometimes under the alias A. Stone. As if that is not enough, he is a published poet whose work has earned him an Editor's Choice Award.

Quinn's continued interest in new challenges led him to Multimedia Production where he has also earned a degree. Currently, he is in the process of studying for his Fine Arts degree in that same area. He soon established his own company, Black Diamond FX. One of his first jobs was the designs of Engine Company X series. Since that time, he has also created an acclaimed piece of poster art for an NFL (National Football League) player. He is currently talking with the NFL regarding other graphics related projects.


The longtime webmaster is credited with creating the incredible look and layout of the original TMG/5 Website. That website stayed in service from 1998 to mid 2004 and was a web surfer's favorite. AK returned as the designer/webmaster for the new WSG site. AK & Chin met while at CSULA and have been friends since 1987. He initially joined with TMG/5 and worked as a crewmember on early film efforts such as Different Worlds. As more films were produced, he took on additional roles as marketing and later web design. His extensive knowledge was later tapped by filmmaker Asif Ahmed for the website of his TV series, Sonny Days.


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