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Many of the following items have appeared in TMG/5 and WSG films as well as other independent productions. The Quartermaster & Prop Shoppe also contains military uniforms, prop guns & holsters, and radios."

Generic uniform shirts. Used to dress characters who are police officers, firefighters, ambulance personnel, or security.  LAPD style uniform shirts. These items appeared in WSG's The C-Shift and Greentown Film's Solemates Two police officer dress caps. Both caps are of traditional "8-Point" design. Cap on left is used during the summer months on the East Coast.
LAFD issue MSA Topguard helmet circa 1965. Helmet appeared in WSG's The C-Shift and Engine Company X. LAFD issue MSA Topguard helmet circa 1960. Helmet appeared in WSG's Engine Company X. Phenix Technology helmet. Model/brand currently used by LAFD & LACoFD.
Phenix Technology helmet. Model/brand currently used by LAFD & LACoFD. MSA Topguard helmet. Design in service between 1950-1982. Replica of 1970's LACoFD helmet created in Quartermaster & Prop Shoppe. Helmet appeared in WSG's The C-Shift. Chieftain "Safe-T-Helmet." Design circa 1970. Prior service of helmet was with Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Fire Department. Reflective lettering added by Quartermaster & Prop Shoppe.
A pair of LAFD style Phenix Technology helmets. Helmet #74 was the template used to design Helmet #30 which was worn by "Greg Harbinger" in The C-Shift." Standard issue Kevlar helmet used by the U.S. Military or police SWAT teams. This helmet comes with its military camouflage cover. This helmet is one of those to be used in WSG's future production of TaskForce 3. Prop Motorola MX-350 radios. These radios are used as props for characters who are police, fire, security, or the military.
This military jacket is one example of the "fatigues" on hand. Other fatigues include a complete U.S. Army Petty Officer uniform and a Vietnam-era U.S. army shirt with insignias. Example of a prop semi-automatic pistol. These guns have been used in WSG's The C-Shift, Engine CompanyX. Other filmmakers who have used our props include Greentown Films' Soulmates 
and the indie TV series L.A. Special.
Example of a basic gun holster. Also available are nylon gun holsters as well. These have been used in the same productions that used our prop guns. 



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